Tips on Coloring for Adults

coloring adults

In the past, coloring was used strictly for kids to pass time. Today, coloring for adults is practiced as a way of relieving stress and as a way of adults expressing themselves artistically. It is difficult for adults to get back into coloring after such a long time but this site can be helpful. Here are some of the tips on coloring for adults.

Practice Regularly

It might take several months of practice to create your first coloring masterpiece. For you to reap the rewards you have to invest your time in coloring. The only difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary masterpiece is practice. Your coloring journey should be done in small steps.

The basic skills of applying color start with block coloring using pen and pencil. Slowly move on to color palettes and remind yourself how certain colors work better than others. Learn how different colors can bring different moods and feelings to a coloring page. Then move to more advanced techniques such as shading, burnishing, and blending colors.

One Step at a Time

Adults have busy schedules and coloring is a great activity to fit in between. Remember your coloring page is not a sprint the rule is to relax, lose yourself, and lay down some color. You don’t have to finish all your coloring pages at once, for the best results there’s no need to rush.

Take your coloring slow, 20 minutes of coloring in a day is just enough. You are not working to meet a deadline, color when you are in your mood. Find the right time to connect with the page and go straight into coloring. If you find yourself struggling in the middle of coloring stop and try again next time.

Start with the Basics

Decide which one you want to start with pen or pencil? However, for adult coloring colored pencils are recommended because they are more versatile and forgiving than pens. There’s a lot you can do with pencils with varying intensity. You can blend pencils to bring beautiful effects and it’s easy to layer one pencil on top of another.

Pens usually give a pop of color than pencils and they can be used to add details. Scented gel pens work the same as graphic designer gel pens and smell nice. Clean the tip of your pencil by scribbling on a surface before you start a new color.

coloring for adults

Find a Peaceful Space

You need to find a place where you are comfortable coloring whether you are doing it for relaxation or fun. Put some time aside to get a comfy seat that will get you the chance to color in comfort. A quiet place is more convenient although there are many coloring groups and meetups for adults.

They enjoy coloring and chat at the same time. Make sure that your sitting position doesn’t hurt your eyes, wrist, and back when coloring. Your seat should allow you to color for a couple of hours and produce beautiful artwork. Find a good door by a window or where there is natural light. When coloring at night invests in an LED lamp that will not strain your eyes.…