job interview

An interview comes with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. Many of us are confused not knowing what next. Yes, you are happy that your dream company called you for an interview, but again, are you going to pass the interview? This article will give tips on how to pass an interview. Read on.

Visit the company website

interview, resumeIt is important to be familiar with the company you will be attending an interview for. From their website, get details about their location, history, production trends, current management and its competitive advantage. This way, you will be able to identify some of the gaps in the company. You can also come up with questions to ask them if you are given a chance. Asking quality questions about the company puts you above your fellow candidates.

Your skills versus job requirements

You might decide to ignore this point because you have already been called for the interview. Yes, they called you, but you must understand that matching your skills with the job requirements makes you score higher. The skills you have tells if you can handle the position they are looking to fill.

Body language

Someone can learn so much about you from your body language. You do not need to talk. Make sure to be relaxed and have a good rest the night before to avoid yawning in front of the panel. Take enough breakfast; you never know how long the interview will take. Avoid taking beer or wine the night before the interview. You cannot afford hungover during the interview. Observing all the above, you will be sober, fresh and you will be able to think clearly during the interview.

Right outfit

job, interviewInterview outfits should be in brown, black, white or blue colors. For men, you can do a suit, with a well-ironed shirt and well-polished black shoes. Ladies can put on an official dress or trouser suit as well. Ladies are advised to avoid too much jewelry and makeup. In short, avoid anything which creates unnecessary attention. Never put on seductive or too tight clothes. It is a show of disrespect to the panelists.

Carry essentials

What are these essentials? You need to carry your academic and professional certificates which act as proof of your academic skills. There is no way you will attend an interview without your certificates. Do not leave your notebook and pen. Another very important thing to carry is your water bottle.