Etiquette in The Coworking Office

office etiquette

Be friendly

It might seem insignificant but greeting everyone in the office enhances the shared workspace. Not only will it create a happy working space but a productive one as well. Try as much to interact well with your co-workers; you will get to network or maybe meet a cutie.


The telephone

telephone, office spaceAdvanced work office spaces have a sound proof area for phone calls. Even if you are picking a two-second call, kindly use it. It might be tempting to pick your calls at the desk, but you need to consider your workmates. They might have so much to think about than hearing yours after job plans. The main point here is that you must and should respect the shared space in your office.

Do not be too friendly

There should be boundaries as well. You might have met your new BFF at your place of work, and things are rolling nice between you. Keep in mind that you are still in a shared workplace. It is okay to be social, but do not make it a place to share garrulous conversations.


Observe tidiness

Consider your coworkers by keeping food wrappers, coffee cups, and other waste in the right place. Some people are just too disorganized. Who wants to sit next to rubbish? No one. To keep a good relationship with your coworker neighbor, it is important to keep your desk organized. It is a way of improving your productivity as well.

Under my roof

We are different. Whatever you consider inappropriate might be appropriate to me. This why companies come up with guidelines on what should be followed by all workers. Some companies might be okay with pets and babies while others will not accept them. Too much of everything is poisonous, and many companies work to keep any form of distraction away.

Live and let others use the facilities

office etiquetteEverything in the open office is shared. From the meeting room to the networked printer. This calls for generosity. You should be willing to share all the facilities in the office with others. Do not overbook the meeting room and in case you no longer need the room, cancel your booking so that someone else can use. Someone might desperately be wanting to use whatever you are holding on to.

Last orders

Some working spaces are open 24 hours while others are not. It is important to ask the opening and closing time if you are new in an office. This allows you to plan your time so that you can wrap up before closing time. The host will in many cases remind you when closure time comes, but you should not wait until someone reminds you.…